Tremolo Harmonica SWAN 24 Hole for christmas gift


Thinking what to give for christmas. This harmonica help your give good breathing exercise and healthy life style. If you think giving a christmas gift for your love one this is one of the best choice.

Mouth Organ Harmonica Introductions:

Are you a music fan? Do you want to play beautiful music with your mouth? Today,I would like to recommend this harmonica to you.  With exquisite design, this harmonica looks amazing and classy. It provides you a wide range of tuning options for their instruments, a rare combination of enormous acoustic volume and very fast response. Additionally, it is a well regarded and well made instrument, used by many professional players and new learners. In a word, this harmonica features higher 

quality components, and are generally worth the money spent! 
Mouth Organ Harmonica Features:
1.New and high quality
2.It really works, it let you playing music any time, anywhere
3.Beautiful and high quality tamber
4.Metal body and metal reeds
5.Protected by comfortable box 
6.24 holes with 48 tones and key of C
7.Perfect for any beginner or harmonica lover
Mouth Organ Harmonica Specifications:
2.Material: rosin, metal
3.Color: Black
4.Dimensions: 7.08" x 1.18" x 0.98"
Package including:
1 x Swan Harmonica 24 Holes Key Of C
1 x Dustcloth

Price: ₱1,100.00
Customer Reviews: 
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Weight: 9 g