Digital Alarm Clock for new year 2020


You need the good quality alarm clock for your new year 2020. With the use for the digital alarm clock it will enhance your morning habit to wake-up earlier and faster. This digital alarm clock is easy to use and flexible to set-up your alarm. Your kids , families and friend need this alarm clock to correct laziness. Your small investment in alarm clock will help you make a best future to come this new year 2020.

Start today! Time is gold.

1.LED Screen Display - Not only for showing time, but also for make-up application.
2.Temperature Mode (°C or °F) for choice: Built-in temperature sensor, take a while to display the correspondingly indoor temperature.
3.Snooze Function: Snooze interval time can be set from 5-60 minutes as your need.
4.Time (AL / PM): Large Number display with 12-24 hour format selection.
5.Easy Set: With five function button (Mode, Alarm, Snz/Light,Up, Down). long press or short press buttons to set.
6.Suitable: Home Bedroom Living Room Bedside Office Table Desk Decoration
Note: Please tear off the screen protector before you use the clock.
1. When powered by battery, press SNZ/LIGHT button, the LED will light on 5s. 
2. When powered by USB cable, the LED light will stay on. 
3. Can not use USB CABLE & BATTERY as power supply in the sametime.
Shape: Rectangle/Square
Hour Format: 12H / 24H 
Temperature Range: 0°C~50°C / 32°F~122°F 
Size: Approx. 16*5.5*3.6cm/8.2*8.2*3.6cm
Power Supply: USB or 3 x AAA Battery (Battery not included)
Package Included:
1 x Mirror Alarm Clock
1 x USB Cable 
1 x User Manual



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Buyer Questions 

THE USB is connected to anything???

Power cord to the adapter, адептпр into an outlet.
Wire оголи and the socket directly.
Подключяй to адаптору from my phone is also PPC, a small wire does not get to the outlet is not much. Schya ordered adapter USB port long wire enough to the outlet.
Through The mains charger wall socket plug
Connected to the power metal jar
к телеку подключаю
I noutu connect, and think and rezetke can be, one minus the watch battery goes face and have to poke кнопнки learn time
To charge phone
Wall socket
The power cable, one side of the USB, the other plug. I stuck in Plug charging from phone
THE charger with the phone
The BP
To the Unit.
The power supply or PC

People, why I put mode backlight night, and 6 in the morning it does go to normal? What to do and how to set? Who knows? It is impossible to look in the dark, eyes слепнут of brightness.

Because that night, dark and normal light in 6 m should have light normal, do not worry it is not marriage!
Because that night, dark and normal light in 6 m should have light normal, do not worry it is not marriage!
Switching from day to night mode 18.00-6.00 stock. You Can re-tune the custom, according to the instructions to the clock

AND how to put the right time of sleep mode?
There have set up by machine. mode change backlight. None. it all!

Can not the button is pressed to wake up?

Please tell me the length of the wire?

1 meter
About 1 meter
1 meter
About one meter
1 meter
About one meter

it will continuously display or only when pressed

Network (outlet) it is solid, and if a battery then be 10 seconds burn
Only from the network works all the time. We have from the computer. You Can from the wall outlet.
AND don't watch crap, and hand curves, or brain. The clock.
Battery powered screen works when you press the off after a few seconds. To display light constantly, it needs to connect to the network.
Do not order this shit. Заккзал and regretted. Batteries Not work continuously.
Powered by the USB constantly from battery to press

What size numbers? How to see the numbers with five meters?

Видно хорошо, у меня очень плохое зрение, вижу с 2 метров свободно, с 3 - уже щурясь.
Отлично видно с 5-6 метров
With five meters visible! Beautiful watch, font like!
Seen from afar and during the day and at night, numbers larger than is necessary-Look in the apartment is ugly.
Отлично видно
Watch good loud alarm clock. only work on and more batteries need and then without straying (. that is with battery and mains together

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Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 8.2 cm × 8.2 cm × 3.6 cm